Look At How The Internet Reacts To Ivanka Trump Haters

The pro-Trump Twitterverse is lobbing hundreds of angry posts and meme attacks at the Brooklyn husbands who were kicked off a plane at JFK after one yelled at future First Daughter Ivanka.

Tomi Lahren Absolutely Crushes MTV’s Racist Video Telling White Men To Stop Doing This

Tomi Lahren absolutely dominates MTV for making a foolish video attacking white men

One Fast-Food Chain Just Defied Obama, Took Epic Stand For Christianity, Will You Support...

One fast food chain just made a HUGE move for Christians right before Christmas.

Trump Finds Out What Just Happened To Israel, Immediately Slaps U.N. in the Face

As soon as President-elect Donald J. Trump found out that Obama did nothing to stop the anti-Israel resolution that the U.N just passed, he took IMMEDIATE action and sent a message that the U.N. Can't Ignore.