ISIS Terrorists Were Captured in Afghanistan. Then, They Got a Taste of Their Own Sick Medicine


Listing the number of atrocities ISIS has committed since its rise to power in Iraq and Syria, would take up a lot of time.

A few of the ones it’s known for the most are:

  • Crucifixions
  • Burning its victims alive
  • Drowning them in cages
  • Throwing them from rooftops
  • And beheading

So, when a group of ISIS terrorists were captured in Afghanistan, they probably didn’t anticipate a taste of their own brutality.

The terrorists who were captured by a local Afghan militia found themselves on the other end of the knife.

The Independent reported that:

Four Isis fighters have been reportedly decapitated and had their heads put on display by the side of a road in a revenge killing by Afghan militia. 

Militants loyal to a powerful Afghan lawmaker placed the severed heads of their opponents on the side of the main road in Nangarhar, in eastern Afghanistan, local officials said on Sunday.

The retaliation came after some of the militia’s men were beheaded by ISIS militants.

ISIS, which has control of cities in Iraq, Syria and Libya, has already forced around 17,000 Afghans out of their homes.

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