Muslim Cites Religious Excuse To Get Out Of Ticket, Officer Has Perfect Response



After a Muslim woman was pulled over for several violations while driving, she attempted to get out of the hefty ticket by giving an excuse regarding her religious beliefs. However, after hearing the woman’s ridiculous entitlement, the undeterred police officer handed her the ticket with the perfect politically incorrect response.

During an episode of a famous Norwegian police documentary called Wegmisbruikers, which translates to “Road Offenders,” officer Patrick Vermeulen encountered one of his most bizarre moments with an incredibly entitled Muslim woman that nearly left him speechless.

According to the Daily Mail, Vermeulen pulled the woman over for using her cellphone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt. However, it was the Muslim driver’s ridiculous excuses that have footage going viral.

When Vermeulen approached the driver with a handshake, as is customary in Norway, the woman refused, claiming that her religion will not allow unmarried men and women to touch. After being rudely dismissed, Vermeulen shrugged off the impolite response and told her that he had pulled her over for using her phone and not properly securing her seatbelt. It was then that the woman invoked her Muslim privilege.

The unnamed woman interrupted Vermeulen to state that she was only using her cell phone to listen to the Quran in order to cure her toothache. Amused by her ridiculous excuse, Vermeulen proceeded to write her a ticket for $245. However, it was his politically incorrect advice that perfected summed up the absurd nature of her claim.With a straight face, Vermeulen replied, “An aspirin will probably work better against the pain than the Quran.”

He further explained that regardless of what she’s “listening” to, she must use a hands-free device if she wishes to use her phone while driving — just like the non-Muslims do.

Realizing that the officer wasn’t buying her ludicrous reason for using her phone, she then attempted to get out of her seatbelt violation with yet another preposterous claim. The woman stated that she had permission from her doctor to not wear a seatbelt for “medical reasons,” the Express reports.

Again, Vermeulen’s common sense was too much for the Muslim driver. When the officer asked to see the doctor’s written consent, she was forced to admit that she didn’t actually have a doctor-issued statement. Unfortunately for her, this earned her a flag on her name in the police system as having attempted to fraudulently create a doctor’s note.

This interaction perfectly portrays Islam’s hypocrisy and misogyny. Just like Muslim migrants who’ve lived under Sharia, this woman expects to use the generous freedoms afforded to her under Western laws to adhere to the oppressive customs her own religious law demands. She proves her hypocrisy by demanding her tyrannical religious values are protected by our own benevolent laws.

Of course, under Sharia, she wouldn’t even be driving, much less making her rounds in public without a male escort. Still, Muslims in the West have the freedom to pick and choose their rights as if our legislation is a buffet. Unfortunately, our tolerance and freedom are so benevolent and far-reaching that it is often used to destroy it.

As we’ve seen in the 50-plus modern-day Sharia countries, Muslims have expanded their political and religious empire either by the sword, as 1,400 years of slaughter shows, or more stealthily by political correctness. Invoking the freedoms their host country offers, they quickly use them to establish Sharia.

 While the rights to protest, vote, express, and publish are wonderful human rights that should be enjoyed by all, Muslims use them to spread Islam, silence their critics, and ultimately implement and enforce their opposing Islamic law.