HOLY CRAP, The President Of The Philippines Just CUSSED OUT Obama On LIVE TV

Barack Obama was set to meet with president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, but ended up canceling his trip. You see, Obama has been very vocal about Duterte’s tactics within the Philippines in regards to extrajudicial killings when it comes into matters of drugs. The Philippines has been dealing with a drug war for quite some time, and the penalty for drug offenses is harsh, and often times, death. This is not uncommon in most Asian countries.

However, as a sovereign nation, the Philippines absolutely has the right to do it, even though Obama decided to stick his nose, yet again, in business he shouldn’t have.


Duterte had enough and called Obama, among other things, a “son of a whore.” I don’t know about you, but that makes what Trump says about anyone pretty tame by comparison, don’t you think?

Barack Obama has cancelled a meeting with the president of the Philippines after Rodrigo Duterte appeared to call him a “son of a whore”.

The move followed a warning from Duterte to the US president to keep off the subject of extrajudicial killings in his country’s brutal drug war when they were due to meet on Tuesday at a regional summit in Laos. Duterte told a press conference that Obama “must be respectful”.

The firebrand president was answering a reporter’s question about how he intended to explain the extrajudicial killings to Obama, before boarding a plane to Laos for the Association of South-east Asian Nations summit.

“You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum,” Duterte was quoted by as saying by Agence-France Presse. “We will be wallowing in the mud like pigs if you do that to me.”

When his comments reached the Obama camp, the US president initially said he was asking his staff to find out whether holding the meeting as scheduled would be useful.

Here’s the announcement where Duterte says it.

This man had done what everyone other world leader WISHES they could do: call Obama out on a live stage. I bet you’d wish you could do that to Obama’s face, don’t you?

Duterte’s leadership has been called into question the world over, but this yet again, much like the Iran deal, shows that Obama is in territory he shouldn’t be. What’s a shining beacon of hope is that Obama won’t be around for much longer. Come this November, we’ll never have to hear from the Obamas again.