VIDEO: Russia “Declares War” on Mosque…Hope You LIKE Explosions!

Say what you will about Russian President Vladimir Putin being a heavy-handed authoritarian and corrupt dictator, when it comes to fighting back against Islamic jihadism, Putin has set himself ahead and apart from other world leaders.

In fact, Putin takes the struggle against radical Islamic terrorism so seriously that the Russian Orthodox church has even officially declared the fight to be a “holy war” on the broad clash of civilizations level.

The no-holds-barred manner in which Russia acts against Islamic extremists was exemplified in April when Russian police discovered a cache of explosives in a mosque and decided to simply get rid of the dangerous material on site, rather than risk their own personnel moving it.

Russian police discovered the illegal prayer hall near the city of Samara and found stockpiles of weapons, ammunition and explosives hidden inside the makeshift mosque.

However, for the sake of their own people’s safety, they simply blew it all up while it was still inside the building.

Thus, they not only got rid of the explosives in an efficient manner, but conveniently prevented that mosque from being used any further as a recruiting point or weapons cache for potential terrorists.

You can be certain that President Barack Obama would not have done such a thing to get rid of the mosque and explosives, if he had even allowed the raid to occur in the first place.