Iraqi Housewife Beheads ISIS Members And COOKS THE HEADS [VIDEO]

If you thought Isis was scary, then you haven’t met Um Hanadi. She’s the 39-year-old housewife who leads a 70 person militia to fight ISIS and stop them from taking over her village.

Um Hanadi lost much of her family to ISIS, so she’s vowed to get revenge, and when she does, it’s piping hot.

Um Hanadi can be considered the “head chef” of operations when it comes to planning the attack against ISIS and plan of protection for her village.

Um Hanadi beheads the ISIS soldier with a sick looking machete that would scare anyone on Halloween. Then she cooks their trifling head. After cooking their sandy heads, she burns the rest of their decrepit body.


She may not have a role in the Top Chef show, but when she fires up the boiling pot to cook a dead soldiers head, she’s not playing around! If you thought ISIS dipping people in vats of acid was scary, then imagine getting beheaded and cooked like a Wes Craven horror movie.

If you thought the girls on American Ninja Warrior were tough, then think again. Um Hanadi makes every male Hillary Clinton voter look like a twerp who has low testosterone and eats Tofu.

The Iraqi housewife who 'cooked the heads' of ISIS fighters
The Iraqi housewife who ‘cooked the heads’ of ISIS fighters

The Iraqi housewife who 'cooked the heads' of ISIS fighters

The Iraqi housewife who 'cooked the heads' of ISIS fighters

ISIS has reportedly tried to take her out several times. Not on a date, but take her out with car bombs. She’s sustained injuries, but has survived every attack. She must have an extra soul that keeps her alive

The Iraqi housewife who 'cooked the heads' of ISIS fighters

The Sun – Um Hanadi’s revenge has been merciless.

Leading a brigade  of 70 militia, she has driven ISIS from her Iraqi village armed with only Kalashnikovs.

Her successes and social media presence brought her to the attention of the terror group’s top brass.

Seven times fundamentalists have tried to kill her using car bombs between 2006 and 2014 – and each time they have failed.

She even received personal death threats from the feared ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

If a small gang of 70 lead by a viciously brutal woman can battle ISIS on their own, then why can’t all the migrant Muslim refugees step up their game and fight their own battle?

Why do they run like wimps and infiltrate other countries? Then when the bacon-hating idiots arrive in countries (where no one but liberals want them), they gang rape women and try to marry the grade-school girls.

If there’s one thing ISIS has in common with everyone else, it’s that we all dislike the Muslim migrant refugees.

Maybe America needs a few women like Um Hanadi to boil a few migrant refugee heads and scare them off.