Muslim Store Owner Busted Stealing $1.2 Million In Food Stamp Funds Just Got DESTROYED by Judge

A while back we reported on a girl who continues to say ‘F**k you America’ because her family keeps getting caught for welfare fraud. The pictures below are first of her flipping off the camera in the courthouse at her father’s hearing for committing welfare fraud (with mom- what a sweetheart).

The second picture is her unloading grocery carts of drinks she just purchased using someone else’s EBT cards. This Muslim immigrant family didn’t learn their lesson after her illegal father was caught using Welfare money to buy products for his Deli. He’s now facing welfare fraud charges for illegally scamming EBT/Food Stamp Cards. The scheme was that he would pay someone for half of what their card was worth and then use those cards to stock the shelves of his store.

Today, I get this story about a man who is sentenced to prison for committing welfare fraud. He would buy EBT cards 50% of their value and use the card to replenish products in his store, Express Food Mart located in Camden, New Jersey. I’m like… that’s wrong, the family is from New York. With 1 minute of research I discovered that THIS is yet ANOTHER Muslim immigrant family playing the same SCAM on the American taxpayer. Are you kidding?

This story may give you some hope because instead of pictures of an ungrateful Muslim woman flipping off the camera and saying ‘F***k you America’ we actually get to see that Kaher Abdullah is getting BIG punishment for welfare fraud.

The idiotic Abdullah accepted an offer an officer who was undercover to exchange $99.99 in EBT benefits for 50 cents on the dollar. He was caught and processed! So far, so good, right? He was formally sentenced by the judge to 2 years in prison, he must repay the full amount of $1.2 million dollars and the U.S. District Court judge said that he will participate in three years of supervised release after his prison term ends.
I’m surprised to see government officials doing welfare fraud stings… I once turned my ex’s family in 3 times (per his request) and nothing happened to them. They too were ‘immigrants’ though they really lived outside the country 75% of the time. Ever since then I knew the welfare system was filled with corrupt people on the inside as well as the outside. Hats off to anyone who can get a welfare fraud scam case to court.