Muslim bus driver put children’s lives at risk by stopping for prayer on busy highway

This is unbelievable. A devout Muslim stopped on a busy highway. He got out with his prayer rug, took off his shoes and washed his feet before turning to face Mecca to pray and spent 10 minutes praying. Cars were literally dodging around the stopped bus full of children.

Islamic supremacism in action.

Do you have a problem with him putting children’s lives at risk, you greasy, racist islamophobes? It’s Islam, respect it!

“Muslim bus driver ‘put children’s lives at risk’ by stopping for prayer,” By David Pilditch, The Express,Oct 13, 2016 (hat tip Robert):
A SCHOOL bus driver has been accused of putting children’s lives at risk after he stopped on a busy main road – and climbed out to say Muslim prayers.

Furious parents hit out over the driver’s actions which left bemused and anxious youngsters trapped in their seats on their way back from a school day trip to London.

The coach was just a mile from Meon Junior School in Southsea, Hants, when the driver suddenly stopped on the single carriageway road outside Portsmouth city centre.

One parent told how the driver stepped down from the bus and grabbed a prayer mat. He took off his shoes and washed his feet before turning to face Mecca to pray.

About 50 children, parents and teachers were left stranded while traffic swerved around the vehicle for 10 minutes shortly before rush hour.

He was putting children’s lives at risk

Mother Claire Powell

Operator Vision Travel has apologised but worried parents are demanding answers.

Mother Claire Powell, 36, whose daughter Heidi, nine, was on board, said: “I was absolutely livid when I heard. There were people swerving to avoid the coach and beeping.

“He was putting children’s lives at risk. At the end of the day he has a duty of care. This isn’t about his religion – he simply shouldn’t have done it.”