Muslim College Student Calls National Anthem S**T, DEMANDS It Be BANNED

He also posted a dumb rant on Facebook about his hatred for the traditional song. Here are a few of his whiny tidbits:

In the context of increasing far right nationalism across Europe and the legacy of the British empire, it’s just a bit s*** and it doesn’t even bang. Basically, f*** the nation state.

I’m wondering if he thought it was crap when his family moved to England? If he hates it so much, why not move to a place he likes better? Since the university is weak, it has admitted it is ‘in discussion’ over dumping the anthem. The school issued this statement:

Feedback from all members of the King’s community will be used in planning the next set of ceremonies.

However, as the public got word-and outrage naturally ensued-the college backtracked. They then issued this statement:

We have no plans to remove the National Anthem from graduation ceremonies.

It seems America isn’t the only country involved in unnecessary debates over the national anthem.

In another effort to convert the west to Islam, Mahamad Abdullahi-from King’s College London Students’ Union-said he wanted to get rid of their national anthem since it is ‘outdated’ and ‘not reflective’ of the global values. It’s unfortunate that all the west is being accosted by this globalist nonsense that makes no sense whatsoever.