Muslim ‘Refugee’ Brutally Raped 10 Year Old Girl— Hillary and Obama Call For MORE Muslim Migrants

 It’s just the latest from America’s immigrant sex crime epidemic. In Minnesota, authorities charged Somali born Ahmed Hersi Abdi with two degrees of first-degree sexual misconduct for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl in her apartment.

According to witnesses, they heard blood-curdling screams from the hallway and found the 10-year old girl undressed and crying.

Somalia is among the most dangerous countries in the world, and one with an enormous child rape epidemic. What women and children suffer in that country is gut-wrenching and makes for hellish reading. Transplanting Somalis en-masse has only perpetuated the rape crisis, and worse, made it average Americans’ problem.

 Nonetheless, in the past ten years, Obama has dumped over 10,000 mostly Muslim Somalis in Minnesota and other States. In a cruel twist of irony, one refugee, Mohamed Dirshe, raped two boys at a Kansas Catholic high school, after Catholic charities gave him a home and a job there while entrusting him with their youth.

But back to Abdi, according to the Illegal Alien Crime Report:

Something strange occurred during the initial reporting of the case, since local news outlets refused to release information showing that the suspect was in fact a “refugee” from Somalia. According to WND:

KSTP 5, an ABC affiliate in Minneapolis, referred to the suspect, Ahmed Hersi Abdi as “A Minneapolis man.” CBS affiliate WCCO 4 used the same description, giving no mention of the man’s background or how he arrived in the U.S.

The attack occurred Sunday evening in an apartment complex in the city’s Cedar Riverside neighborhood, also known as “Little Mogadishu” for its high concentration of Somali refugees imported from United Nations refugee camps in Africa.

Abdi allegedly followed the girl out of an elevator. He asked for her name and offered his hand to her. She shook his hand and Abdi refused to let go. Police said he proceeded to rape the girl in the hallway of the apartment building.

Authorities used video surveillance footage to help track down the suspect, who was arrested about 24 hours later on Monday in St. Paul.

So why would Obama want to bring more in? Obama plans on bringing over 1,000 Syrian refugees over to the US within the next year. We’ve already seen from Europe, but Germany and Sweden in particular, what the consequences of mass Muslim migration are. Both countries have seen large spikes in crimes, especially those of a sexual nature, as their Muslim populations have exploded. Sweden has historically been kind of Muslim migrants – and his now the rape capital of the West. A mere two percent of Sweden’s population are Muslim males, yet they commit 77% of the nation’s rapes.

We don’t have to be next, but Obama doesn’t seem to care.