BAT-SHIT CRAZY: Obama Says It’s a ‘Good Idea’ To Do THIS to White People.

What Obama just advocated doing to tens of millions of Americans is not only unconstitutional, it’s reprehensible and disgusting!

Obama, who has never held a real job in his life (being a failed community organizer does not count) indicated to Liberal Atlantic reporter Ta-Nehisi Coates, that taxing white Americans to give money to black Americans for reparations over slavery, sounds like a pretty great idea to him.

Obama told Coates there is “a good argument” supporting reparations to blacks for slavery. Republicans ended the horrific practice of slavery on December 7, 1865, the Daily Caller aptly notes.

“Theoretically, you can make, obviously, a powerful argument that centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination are the primary cause for all those gaps [between white and black people],” Obama said.

“That those were wrongs done to the black community as a whole, and black families specifically, and that in order to close that gap, a society has a moral obligation to make a large, aggressive investment, even if it’s not in the form of individual reparations checks, but in the form of a Marshall Plan, in order to close those gaps.”

Spilling blood to do what was right more than 150 years ago apparently is not good enough for Obama. Ancestors of Obama’s white mother actually owned slaves, according to Baltimore Sun report. If reparations were ever approved, does this mean Barack Obama would be taxed to give reparations to himself?

“So the bottom line is that it’s hard to find a model in which you can practically administer and sustain political support for those kinds of efforts,” Obama also said during the interview. There is no need to find a “model.” The citizens of today should not be made to pay any kind of a price for the actions of others.

Would Obama only tax white Americans who had ancestors living in the South? Not everyone who lived in the South owned a slave, so would living and breathing white southerners get a pass if their ancestors were not wealthy enough to purchase another human being and hold them in bondage to work the fields?

What if Joe Blow Southern Whitey had rich ancestors who were anti-slavery, he wouldn’t have to pay his black neighbor reparations, right?

Ever the Liberal socialist, the issue of fairness seemed to have caused Obama to stop short of wholly endorsing the idea of reparations. It was not concern over taxing white Americans who may or may not have had slave-owners in their family tree, as the president reportedly does, but worry over other minorities in the United States feeling slighted by not receiving some type of bounty for past bias being felt by their own ancestors.

A report released by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on African Descent accused the United States of having a racist history. The group stated institutional slavery and the current number of police shootings of black man proves America owes reparations to the black community. The widow of a black police officer shot and killed by a black lives matter criminal, would likely staunchly disagree.

Africa is on that list too, right? The subhuman slave traders would not have been able to chain black men and women into the hulls of ships and drag them to America if their rival tribes had not captured and sold them into bondage.

If Obama has time, after working out how white Americans will pay for the sins of people they never knew, maybe he can launch a new program to collect lunch money (with interest) from schoolyard bullies who stole it from weaker students decades ago.

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