One Fast-Food Chain Just Defied Obama, Took Epic Stand For Christianity, Will You Support Them?

It’s deeply disturbing that President Obama and the liberals under his sway have tried to tear apart our Constitutionally-guaranteed Freedom of Religion during his eight years in office.

It’s beyond disgusting that as Christians we have been shamed by Obama to think that we shouldn’t openly celebrate our religion’s holidays, such as Christmas.

Obama pretends that this sentiment is just part of “political correctness” and “multicultural sensitivity,” when in truth it is being anti-Christian, plain and simple.

Thank God at least one fast-food chain sees things from the correct perspective.

According to reports, the sandwich chain Jimmy John’s, which is based in the Midwest, is actively embracing President-Elect Donald Trump’s pledge that he will not tolerate religious discrimination.

This has been backed up by anecdotes from Jimmy John’s customers. A Reddit user named jrosen94 recently shared a photo of a sandwich wrapper from the chain that had a “Merry Christmas” (not “happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”) sticker on it. The post got over 6,000 upvotes.

Added Reddit user barefootoutside, “A cashier told me and my very Lebanese mother ‘Goodbye and Merry Christmas!’

And my mother looks at me and says: See? It’s because of Trump that people are saying Merry Christmas again!”

Will you support Jimmy John’s move to restore Christmas to what it used to be in our country?